About Us

Deseen Ltd. is a conceptual design project from Bosnia and Herzegovina which brings together three great world-class brands in the area of ​​defining and decorating wall surfaces. For the first time, in one place, and only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a showroom of high-class wall coverings – Deseen!

Deseen arose from the pressing need to overcome ingrained standards and the tendency towards innovation in wall surfaces. Trendy landforms combined with the good old natural materials – stone, brick and leather – are the perfect combination. Each sample of uniquely processed relief, followed by the play of light and shadow, is a special trip into the world of imagination.

Leather wall by Studioart

” The leather goes beyond the limits of the fashion world and becomes the main protagonist in the interior design…”

Long family tradition of leather tanning and dressing of in the rich Italian province of Veneto in the late sixties resulted in today’s laboratory of ideas, techniques and processes that combines originality, functionality and sophisticated Italian elegance. Studioart is the best combination of Italian interior design achievements with eco-friendly quality that gives your ambience an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance.

Stone wall surfaces by Pietra Kaikos

The best creation of the nature and man..

Pietra Kaikos is one of the most famous brands in the world of stone cladding, being exported from Turkey to 46 countries from Japan to the United States. Owing to its porosity and “softness”, the perfectly designed stone cladding falls into the category of top-quality products.
The greatest achievements of the mankind have defied the ravages of time for thousands of years, forever engraved in stone. All world famous designers dedicated some of their time to stone. From the ancient sculptures and mighty Parthenon, through medieval castles and nobility until today, scientists, artists, designers and architects have worked with this eternal material. So ancient and yet so modern! And it’s not a coincidence that larger architectural creations of the 20th century, such as the Trump World Tower, are decorated with stone details. Design and architecture have turned stone, once was “just” a building material, into art and decoration. With decorative stone Pietra Kaikos join the best in lifestyle!


Brick wall by Vandersanden Group

However if you are a fan of a brick Vandersanden group is certainly the best choice. Whether it is a full brick or so called brick slips (brick tiles), the visual impression is the same. Benefits of Vandersanden bricks is in brilliantly detailed techniques of cutting bricks, and a wide range of colors and textures. This year’s winners of gold A ‘design awards for so called Signa panels. Signa is the pinnacle achievement in the field of bricks, while it is the perfect challenge for architects, freedom to bricks! By Signa system brick is available in every color, every shape, relief and combination by your wish. Vandersanden Group as a family business, was launched back in 1925 when they built a small brick building in Spouwenu in Belgium. Today, Vandersanden Group, is owner of two production plants in Belgium, two in the Netherlands and 5 showrooms, making it the largest brick manufacturer in Europe in the field of family business.


Besides the aesthetic, there are numerous advantages of all the materials. Wall coverings such as stone and brick offer a natural solution for controlling your microclimate. Environmentally friendly products and energy saving, which is even one of the five objectives of the EU by 2020.!


Create a new dimension of ambiance with style!


Offer unique wall coverings made ​​from natural materials to those who are willing to make their space lively by perfection of relief details.

Concept of Deseen showroom is designed to offer customers a complete sense of comfort and freedom to come and look, “feel materials” and consult regarding the selection. Professional personnel is at your service so as the field assistance which offers consultation on the materials and required quadrature. Also we give you possibility of making 3D projects, according to your preference. In the salon, clients can use the mini bar to complement the feeling of relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.